The world of fitness is changing.

Four new schools of fitness thought are on the rise. Adopted as a way of life, they’re followed feverishly by many. Scores of like-minded individuals are gathering together to perform ritualistic behaviors—all in the name of wellness. Their mantras are more than just diet and exercise. Their disciplined lifestyles are working toward the common goal of wellbeing. They believe wellness is something to be shared, and that the power and the technology to take charge of personal wellness is theirs to control. They’re a communal generation unlike any before them.

They are the Fit Cults.

Want to learn how your brand

can connect with the fit cults?

Let Upshot show you the way.


The idea of Fit Cults stemmed from original research conducted by our internal Planning Group. We analyzed Google search trends and over 300 million social media conversations, utilizing the Meltwater Buzz Platform to uncover the very latest fitness behaviors and provide numbers behind the insight.

Our Planning Group worked in collaboration with The Source, Upshot’s market intelligence team, a group that monitors consumer and marketplace trends via a variety of secondary sources, including the popular and trade press, the investment community (e.g., Goldman Sachs’ Millennials, Food & Fitness, May 2014), and research partners such as the Futures Co., a global strategic insight and research consultancy.

Together, Upshot’s Planning Group and The Source tracked the intersection of unique values and attitudes with the rise of both emerging and established wellness and fitness trends, helping us to paint a picture of who the next generation is and will become.

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